Original Auto Fabrics FAQ


  • Does OAF send samples – Yes, most fabrics we sell has an option to purchase a sample swatch. If you need a larger sample, just contact our support staff at support@oemautofabric.com.


  • Is everything you sell listed on your website – No, not even close. We are adding new products daily. Please contact us if you don’t see what your looking for listed!


  • Does OAF ship outside the United States – Yes, our site is setup to ship to multiple countries outside the US. If you need your order shipped outside the United States and your location is in a country that our website doesn’t currently support. You will need to contact customer support to make shipping arrangements prior to placing the order.


  • Who do you use for shipping –  We use most major US shippers including: USPS, UPS, FedEx.


  • How long does it take you to fill and ship an order – Once the order is placed, it typically ships the same day if placed before 3pm CST and anything placed after 3pm CST will ship the next business day. Exceptions to this would be if any issues or questions arise concerning the order, or a product we have had to obtain from one of our suppliers. In which case the customer would be notified and the product would be shipped in accordance with agreed upon terms.


  • Are the OEM cloths from the 1960’s and 1970’s still good – Absolutely, or we would never offer it to our valued customers. We perform a quality inspection of every fabric prior to shipment. If any flaw in the fabric is discovered during inspection. We will immediately inform the customer of the issue and attempt to resolve the issue or cancel the order.


  • Is there anything we need to be concerned of when purchasing older Fabrics – Yes, especially when you’re trying to repair an existing fabric. Over time your fabric has been exposed to sunlight and other elements that will cause fade and discoloration. Our fabrics have been stored in our warehouse and retain the colors they were manufactured with. This is why we highly recommend ordering a swatch and matching it with the fabric you are repairing prior to ordering. This is not as critical if you are performing a full replacement.


  • Do you have a physical location to visit – We do have a large warehouse in Oklahoma that we store our fabrics in. However, we are set up as an online business only and don’t have a facility open to public access.  


  • If you don’t see an answer to your questions. Please click on the following link to access our contact page and send your question and we’ll be glad to provide you an answer.