Stitched Windlace


Cloth Windlace
Standard 1/2″ Sponge Rod
Sold by the yard

How much Windlace do you need?
7 Yards for Most 2 Door Vehicles
14 Yards for Most 4 Door Vehicles



We have several colors of this accent roping used around the doors of many vehicles. All of our windlace contains a ½” foam core sewn inside a knitted cloth material. This windlace has ½” seam and is usually sewn in place. We recommend measuring before you make your purchase. In some vehicles this material goes all the way around the door, where in others it simply goes around the bottom.

Photo Disclaimer: While our photos are of the actual fabric being sold and are taken to most accurately represent the fabrics actual colors and patterns. Due to lighting variations, fabric grain, glare, and the environment in which the photos are being taken. We cannot guarantee the photos are a true and accurate representation of the colors in the fabric. If you have any concerns that the colors may not meet your expectations. Please order a sample swatch prior to purchasing the fabric.